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Abuse in donation ranks

Grinchhh aOwner posted Fri at 20:48
Due to abuse in all our donator ranks, we have decided to remove all item-spawning and game-mode related commands in the following ranks:


To replace what we have taken there will be kits added for both factions, and survival world. Also now all donator ranks can have shops due to this change.

If you feel there was a misunderstanding feel free to leave a comment below.

DatEpicosity Not cool.
SacrifiX Helper zach can I open a potion shop using ingredients that I spawned before?I found my potion's ingredient in my dispenser
Jaycii Thumbs up

Building Competition

BaconFriar aCo-Owner posted Mar 29, 14
What you are building: 
Grading Scale:
Interior (1 -10)
Exterior (1 - 10)
Complexity (1 - 10)
1-2 people
Must be in Event Server
Event Server IP:
Time Limit:
3/30/2014 - 4/19/2014
1st place - rank upgrade or game
2nd place - rank upgrade
3rd $150k in game money
Esaclan, BaconFriar, Klob, Grinchhh, BadassLeprechaun, xRyudox
How to Submit:
Put in Plot Id in post comment
Mail me at
 for questions about the competition,
To add people to your plot message
me your plot ID and player name you want
to add.

KillTonPsy 2:-4 under construction done until dead line
111kaleb111 My plot is at -3;0. 1 person build
WithoutN -3;-2


esaclan aOwner posted Mar 22, 14
Because of a Bukkit error, Mcmmo stats and some homes have been lost. I apologize for this as i didn't intend for it to happen.

The economy has also been wiped, after a long debate on with other staff, we have decided it would be best to reset the money because of the past exploits. 
If you want to earn more money, use McJobs and do them all frequently.

As a bonus for this reset i have added $1000 more cash per vote when you vote for our server, this should also help you catch up to everybody else. 

I'm sorry if you think this is harsh, i just want the server to be a fair environment for all players, trying to eliminate all potential cheats and unfair advantages.

BadassLeprechaun Admin Perhaps this is also the time to add Cash Rewards to the Reward Shop, doesn't need to be in great numbers. I would say 1 ...
IOwnTheNight Hi, My stats were reseted too, but now I have stat about 300 and getting 2.5$(lvl 5-6) each block with miner job. Is it ...
xTheKilljoyx The update will not be getting reversed. Your best decision at this point would be to start joining MCJobs and getting ...
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