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Building Competition

BaconFriar aCo-Owner posted Jul 7, 14
Currently being judged!

What you are building: 
Grading Scale:
Interior (1 -10)
Exterior (1 - 10)
Complexity (1 - 10)
1-2 people
Must be in our Creative Server
Time Limit:
7/08/2014 - 7/25/2014
1st place - rank upgrade 
2nd place - rank upgrade
3rd place - $75,000 In-Game Money
*Chance to help make Hogwarts (Zach's Project)
Esaclan, BaconFriar, Klob, Grinchhh, xRyudox
How to Submit:
Put in Plot Id in post comment
Mail me at
 for questions about the competition,
To add people to your plot message
me your plot ID and player name you want
to add.
We will not use any texture packs but the classic one
A question people have been asking me does builder+ go to builder++?
The answer is no, Builder, builder+, and builder++ will go straight to VIP.

Keita When will we know the results ?
Wicked ID:3;-7 Owner: Firepaw14 Hope You Like It ...
Awesome21 Results today boy oh boy can't wait ...


esaclan aOwner posted Jul 8, 14
Pets have been added to all ranks VIP and above!

Use /pet select while in-game to spawn your own pets! Type /pet help for more information.
Pets that are able to be spawned are listed on the donation page under ranks.

This plugin was added because you guys kept suggesting it, enjoy!
EnderEnder Does supporter have /pet access? I think they should, if not, because they make up a large part of the GI population
XxslayerxX mcmmo in survival wud hav been better tho, it helped me a lot in my building on gamers inferno 1
josecraft10 for what i cant not enter to server please admins help me


esaclan aOwner posted Jul 1, 14
The survival server is now hosted in New York, USA.

The hardware for the server is also 2x faster than before, enjoy the new performance and 0 lag!
Elgrame00 Helper Factions has got laggy since of this. There is a water glitch where you cant escape a 1x1x2 water
KaizTheMonster Someone still having Lag I know they have problem with their Fps but they keep say server lag lol
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