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esaclan aOwner posted 19 hours ago
I am hosting a mini contest, you may participate if you want to win a PC game called "Just Cause 2"

1st - Just Cause 2
2nd - 250k in-game cash
3rd - 100k in-game cash

What you're building:
Modern House

1 week (April 31st)

Ethan, Zach, Baconfriar

1-2 person build

Submit your responses below with your plot ID #

Good luck! 

~ Ethan
CountBiscuit Hi its me CountBiscuit my plot ID is ID:-5:-5 Im participating the contest and Im sure that Ill get 1st ...
Bwizard7 Please help. CountBiscuit and I want to be partners. How? /plotme add BWizard7 doesn't work. It says 'permission denied' ...
⚝_Shadow_Scythe_⚝ Head-Mod Modern House is my style and one question You buying Just Cause 2 in steam right?

Building Competition

BaconFriar aCo-Owner posted Sat at 6:28
What you are building: 
Grading Scale:
Interior (1 -10)
Exterior (1 - 10)
Complexity (1 - 10)
1-2 people
Must be in Event Server
Event Server IP:
Time Limit:
3/30/2014 - 4/19/2014
1st place - rank upgrade or game
2nd place - rank upgrade
3rd $150k in game money
Esaclan, BaconFriar, Klob, Grinchhh, BadassLeprechaun, xRyudox
How to Submit:
Put in Plot Id in post comment
Mail me at
 for questions about the competition,
To add people to your plot message
me your plot ID and player name you want
to add.


First place: 111kaleb111
Second place: Zhenzhen
Third place: Yoona

MuSiCaL ID: 0;5
xX_YoonA_Xx Mod 4;-2 plotme done. Kryodrix and xX_YoonA_Xx
zhenzhen3249 ID: 0;-2 Owner: zhenzhen3249

Warp Resets

Grinchhh aOwner posted Fri at 18:19
Since the map resets, we have to reset the warps.

Under comments please let me know which ones you want to be save.

zhenzhen3249 /warp mall (xsysdime)
Lceyrie T-Mod /warp eyrie
Sproze Malevious save /warp sprozeness
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